Baron Dirk Aldrich Von Eisen

Dirk is a tall, broad, blonde man. He wears a dracheneisen suit of armor and a bandoleer of pistols across his chest. He also wears a metal mask across his face and a dark green cloak and tunic over his armor.


Brawn 2 ranks
Finesse 2 ranks
Wits 2 ranks
Resolve 1 rank
Panache 2 ranks




Dracheneisen 40pts
Sorcery 40 pts
Noble 0pts

Sorcerous Heritage:
Disintegration 5 ranks
Distant Touch 1 rank
Fast Application 4 ranks
Focused Effect 1 rank
Indirect touch 1 rank
Apprentice Mastery

Attack 2 ranks

History 1 rank
Math 1 rank
Philosophy 1 rank
Research 1 rank

Eisen Speak/Read/Write
Vodacce Speak

Dracheneisen Armor
Arm Guard x2 4 armor pts
Breastplate 6 armor pts
Leg Guard x2 4 armor pts

Raw Dracheneisen 3 units

+5TN -2 on Attackers Kept Dice

Pistols x5 4k2 to hit 4k3 damage 30yd range
shots x20


Dirk even at a young age was always a curious individual. He always lusted after knowledge hoping to learn as much as he could. His father had taught him one lesson and he taught it well, “knowledge is power” and Dirk wanted power. When he came of age and received his Dracheneisen armor he wanted to know how it was made. He sent letters to those that possessed the secrets of the Nibelung in hope that they would accept him into their ranks. Months passed and he never received any reply. His only consolation in his months of waiting were his friends. One of his friends was his teacher. A castillian by the name of Amidio Hernandez. Amidio was his etiquette instructor, just in case Dirk ever had to go to a foreign court. His other friend was his cousin Amalia Gappmayer. He found himself spending most of his time with her even though she was a lesser noble. He actually respected her quite a bit because of her skill with a blade. He hoped that one day she would teach him how to use a sword, but his parents tried their best to keep him away from anything dangerous in hope that it would help keep his sorcery a secret. Dirk was born with the power of zerstorung and because of it his parents did not allow him many friends. In fact he was very sheltered and Dirk hated it. He wanted to see the world and learn everything there was to know. One day Dirk heard a scream from his father’s study. He ran as quickly as his legs would carry him only to find his father laying in a pool of blood with a knife in his back. His father only had enough life left in him to speak one name “Alphonso Geppo.” Alphonso Geppo was a vodaccian merchant that his father had traded with on occasion, Dirk didn’t know how he was involved but he swore to find out and hoped he could gather enough information to exact revenge. With his father dead, Dirk was now the head of the family. He now had the freedom he needed to see the world. His first stop he knew would be Vodacce in order to investigate his father’s assassination. He asked Amalia and Amidio to come with him, to help him on his quest. Both of them gladly agreed.

Baron Dirk Aldrich Von Eisen

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