Bram Bulliotte of Avalon


Brawn 3 ranks
Finesse 3 ranks
Wits 2 ranks
Resolve 2 ranks
Panache 2 ranks

Avalon Insm Ore


Able Drinker
Swordsman’s Guild

Swordsman School:
Feint 2 ranks
Lunge 1 rank
Riposte 2 ranks
Exploit Weakness 1 rank
Apprentice Mastery +2 TN to be hit

Climbing 2 ranks
Footwork 3 ranks
Sprinting 1 rank
Throwing 1 rank

Attack 4 ranks
Parry 4 ranks

Balance 2 ranks
Climbing 2 ranks
Knotwork 1 rank
Rigging 1 rank
Pilot 1 rank
Navigation 2 ranks

Attack 3 ranks

Strategy 2 ranks
Tactics 2 ranks

Dancing 1 rank
Etiquette 1 rank
Fashion 1 rank
Oratory 1 rank
Sincerity 2 rank

Avalon Speak/Read/Write
Vodacce Speak

Rapier 7k3 to hit 5k2 damage


Bram was raised on ships. More specifically, pirate ships.
He never stayed for too long on any specific vessel, as having a small child on board did not make for much help, save swabbing the decks and some mild cooking.
But after a few years of this, he had had become old enough to hold his own.
He befriended a pirate captain by the name Captain Farengaught.
He had met this person in a bar in a place that escapes his memory. They had been playing dice, when the captain accused Bram of cheating. They had a rough fight that nearly demolish the pub.
When they were finally tired and laying in the mud outside, they had themselves a good hearty laugh. And they had been friends ever since.
It did not take long for Bram to sign on with Farengaught.
It was there than Bram started to learn all he needed to know about being a pirate. From swordplay to ship navigation. After 2 years of serving under Farengaught, Bram had risen through the ranks to be first mate.
He was known to be well coordinated in battles and a handy person to have around when everyone was drunk off they’re asses. As alcohol did not seem to effect him the way it did others.

Four years later, Captain Farengaught had been struck with a deadly disease that caused him to later lose his life. Bram, saddened by the loss of his friend, did the one thing he knew to do in this situation. He got drunk off his ass.
He was then named captain and for the next 3 years he led his band of alcoholic swashbucklers to riches.

This all ended one autumn afternoon during a test of some newly acquired Chinese gunpowder. One of the cannons exploded, causing large metal piece to be rocketed through the hull.
The ship sank swiftly after that. With most of the crew dead or trying to survive.
Bram, managed to drift away on a empty keg of rum, till he came upon the coast of Vodacce.
He has been there ever since, doing odd jobs, and working at the dockside bar to make ends meet.
But he is always looking for that next opportunity for the next great thing.

During one of his many jobs Bram met an odd individual by the name of Dirk Aldrich Von Eisen. They quickly became “friends” because Bram knew there was much coin to be earned in working for the Baron.

Bram Bulliotte of Avalon

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